Zuma Maldives

Japanese Restaurant in Maldives at its finest

Nestled within the stunning archipelago, Zuma Maldives offers a blend of Japanese excellence and the natural beauty of the Indian Ocean.

With a captivating setting above the glistening turquoise waters, Zuma Maldives merges the soothing ocean vistas with its tasteful decor, creating an ambiance that complements the culinary journey ahead.

The restaurant’s concept, deeply rooted in the Izakaya style, adds a touch of sophistication to informal dining. The Izakaya style, serves shareable, flavorful dishes in a relaxed, social dining atmosphere. It also suggests a focus on drinks that enhance the overall experience by complementing the food.

Discover the island’s inviting bar, the charismatic robata grill, and the alluring sushi counter – each showcasing Zuma’s renowned signature dishes.

Originating in London in 2002 and now spanning the globe, Zuma’s legacy showcases culinary innovation. Founded by Rainer Becker and Arjun Waney, the name Zuma resonates with exceptional gastronomy. With roots in London’s food scene, Zuma has become a renowned international brand. It sets the gold standard for fine dining, redefining indulgence. This journey captivates food enthusiasts worldwide. Zuma is a celebrated destination for unparalleled culinary artistry and service.

Allow yourself to be swept away by Zuma’s allure, right here in the heart of the Maldives. From the sun-kissed horizon to the impeccable dishes before you, an incredible Japanese Restaurant Maldives experience invites you. Come and savor every moment of your dining experience, celebrating the blend of flavours, culture, and natural beauty that defines the Maldives.

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